Bringing Dolls to Life with Silicone

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Several Ashton-Drake collectible dolls are crafted out of silicone, and we’re often asked “Why silicone?” The reason is because silicone has an incredible capacity to portray the personality of each individual doll. From the pudgy folds in their arms and legs to the wrinkles in their tiny fingers and toes, it captures even the slightest, sweetest details from the Master Doll Artist’s original sculpt. When you look closely at one of our silicone dolls, you’ll see a warmth of expression in their faces as their eyes smile at you. Look even closer and you’ll appreciate the realism of their rosy lipped pout.

Ava Collectible Doll

Silicone is also very supple material, so it is responsive to gentle touches. For example, if you touch your finger to the palm of one of our silicone dolls, you’ll notice that her fingers may gently grasp yours. Pick up a silicone doll and give her foot a loving squeeze, you’ll notice that her toes actually flex, much like a real baby. Silicone also has a soft, almost velvety texture, adding to its realistic feel, and is a heavier material, so the doll will have a satisfying weight in your arms.

The Ashton-Drake Galleries spent many years perfecting our special silicone blends to create the ultimate realism in collectible dolls. You can be assured that any doll on our website that features the TrueTouch™ or So Truly Soft Silique™ trademark will be handcrafted in fine silicone and ready to be adored by you!

    • Michele
    • November 7, 2017

    Whoever thought of this and
    whoever creates these “precious little ones” —
    Thank You!

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    I love these baby dolls I wish I could afford one, being on a fixed income stop’s a lot of thing’s you would love to have. Thank you so much for all the dolls you all make I really enjoy looking at them.

    • Debra P Morton
    • November 11, 2017

    How about a full silicone body doll? Love them but really don’t like cloth body.

    • Reply

      I have ordered the new born doll. Paid the first payment and still no doll

        • Melissa Anne Miller
        • December 5, 2017

        Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that, please feel free to reach out to our customer support folks directly, here’s their number: 1-800-634-5164.

    • Nancy Goodell
    • November 11, 2017

    I have an Ashton Drake Silicone baby doll and she is my favorite. I like that they hand root the hair,not just glued on. I hope that they will start hand rooting all of the dolls hair, not just the silicone. I plan to buy another silicone doll from Ashton Drake Galleries soon.

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    I have many,many,of their dolls. I have never been dissatisfied with any of them. I have ordered the Lily Rose,waiting for her to come home,so I can compliment them on her as well. Her name will be Bailey Peyton,and I’m so excited to get her in my arms.

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    I guess that the silicone turned dark brown when our house burned. The doll didn’t burn, but was smoke damage turned her med brown. I love Sophia..haven’t decided to replace her, or get a different baby…but it will be another Ashton Drake silicone doll. They are so real that they are heartwarming.

    • Karen Brittmon
    • January 6, 2018

    Just received baby Tasha, my very 1st silicon. She’s soooo soft, and sweet. She smells amazing!!!! Thank you, Ashton-Drake. You made my collection complete, for a while…

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    Has anyone had problems with discoloration? Any suggestions on how to correct this? I bought Little Peanut for my daughter for Christmas and now her cheeks, fingers, and toes are all turning blue.

      • Melissa Anne Miller
      • January 24, 2018

      Oh no, Stephanie, that doesn’t sound good! Please reach out to our customer service team at!

    • Kelsey
    • March 22, 2018

    What type of silicone is used? Platinum or Tin?

    • Le
    • June 4, 2018

    What is the name of this little one in the picture please?

      • Melissa Anne Miller
      • June 6, 2018

      The one on top is Ava, the one below her is Penelope. Click on either picture for more details about them both 🙂

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