Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Several Ashton-Drake collectible dolls are crafted out of silicone, and we’re often asked “Why silicone?” The reason is because silicone has an incredible capacity to portray the personality of each individual doll. From the pudgy folds in their arms and legs to the wrinkles in their tiny fingers and toes, it captures even the slightest, sweetest details from the Master Doll Artist’s original sculpt. When you look closely at one of our silicone dolls, you’ll see a warmth of expression in their faces as their eyes smile at you. Look even closer and you’ll appreciate the realism of their rosy lipped pout.

Ava Collectible Doll

Silicone is also very supple material, so it is responsive to gentle touches. For example, if you touch your finger to the palm of one of our silicone dolls, you’ll notice that her fingers may gently grasp yours. Pick up a silicone doll and give her foot a loving squeeze, you’ll notice that her toes actually flex, much like a real baby. Silicone also has a soft, almost velvety texture, adding to its realistic feel, and is a heavier material, so the doll will have a satisfying weight in your arms.

The Ashton-Drake Galleries spent many years perfecting our special silicone blends to create the ultimate realism in collectible dolls. You can be assured that any doll on our website that features the TrueTouch™ or So Truly Soft Silique™ trademark will be handcrafted in fine silicone and ready to be adored by you!