Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

It’s just like the famous lyrics say… “All you need is love.” And this time of year, it couldn’t be more true. That’s why we’ve devoted this week to showing some love—to friends, to family, and, don’t forget, to yourself!

Snuggle Suri is ready for sweet snuggles with her fully poseable arms.

We’re also celebrating another special kind of love—the love we put into each and every doll. From the early designs and tailoring of outfits to the finishing touches on our elegant signature packaging, every step of our doll making process is full of a joy and love that just can’t be matched. To learn more about how this sets us apart, check out my “Made with love” notes.

And of course there are some new dolls to win your heart! Emma absolutely adores her three baby chicks. Snuggle Suri, all swaddled up, just can’t wait to wrap you in her love. And Oliver is ready to come to life with your loving touch. So don’t wait! Start spreading the love now with our lifelike one-of-a-kind babies and portrait figures. Check out our easy to use ecommerce site to find unique little ones for everyone near to your heart!



Laurie James, Executive Director

Laurie James
Ashton Drake Executive Director