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We often get asked how we choose who to portray as a commemorative collectible dolls. We look for individuals who inspire us, who have made an impact on society, and who have won our hearts. Today is International Women’s Day, and in support of a collective effort to advance gender equality, we’d like to spotlight the women below and thank them for their contribution to history.

Mother Teresa
In 2016, Mother Teresa was canonized by Pope Francis for her work with the “poorest of the poor.” Her calling got its start in India in the late 1940s. There, she was joined in her efforts by a group of young women, and together they became the Missions of Charity, a congregation dedicated to serving the poor. Throughout her life, Mother Teresa dedicated her strength and faith to help those in need. In 1982, during the height of the Siege of Beirut, she brokered a temporary cease-fire between the Israeli army and Palestinian guerillas in order to rescue 37 children trapped in a front-line hospital.

Pictured below: Mother Teresa Poseable Sculpture Doll

Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-lived and longest-reigning British monarch, as well as the world’s longest-reigning female head of state. When Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne, it would have been customary for the royal house to bear her husband’s name, becoming the House of Mountbatten. However, the queen decided otherwise, and issued a declaration that Windsor would continue to be the name of the royal house. She also subtly commented on gender equality, when in 1998, she invited Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdullah for a tour of the Windsor estate. The prince agreed, and was stunned to find the Queen in the driver’s seat. At the time, women weren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia.

Pictured below: Queen Elizabeth II

Jacqueline Kennedy
Jacqueline Kennedy is remembered not only for her style, elegance and grace, but also for her lifelong contributions to the arts and preservation of historic architecture. During her tenure as First Lady of the United States, she led the restoration of the White House. Her efforts went beyond the structure of the White House. She was also pivotal in recovering the mansion’s historical furnishings and artwork. Prior to Kennedy’s term in office, departing presidents often took furnishings and other items with them when they departed, leading to a lack of original historical pieces in the White House. Kennedy personally wrote to possible donors to track down missing items of historical interest. She also initiated a Congressional bill establishing White House furnishings as the property of the Smithsonian Institution.

Pictured below: Jacqueline Kennedy Bisque Porcelain Bride Doll

Michelle Obama
Throughout her life, Michelle Obama has empowered women. During her tenure as First Lady of the United States, she because one of the few first ladies to successfully pass legislation. In 2010, the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act passed. As a cornerstone of her “Let’s Move” initiative, the act got schools to update meal and nutritional standards, and to increase the number of students who had access to school lunch at little or no cost. In 2015, she launched the “Let Girls Learn” initiative, which was implemented to ensure that adolescent girls all over the world received access to the education they deserve, regardless of physical, cultural and financial barriers.

Pictured below: Michelle Obama State Dinner Poseable Portrait Doll

Kate Middleton
While much media attention is paid to Kate Middleton’s style and fashion, she has certainly accomplished more than the “Kate Middleton Effect.” Her numerous patronages include the National Portrait Gallery, Action on Addiction, and the Natural History Museum. In 2012, she gave her royal patronage to the Moving Parents and Children Together program, which focused specifically on the impact of drug addiction on families. In February 2018, she became a patron of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (sic) and launched Nursing Now, a three-year worldwide campaign to raise the profile and status of the nursing profession. Both her grandmother and great-grandmother were volunteer nurses, so the effort held personal meaning as well.

Pictured below: Kate Middleton Commemorative Porcelain Bride Doll