Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Bernadette and James were surprised when a pediatrician presented them with their baby. Mulder had all his fingers and toes, but he appeared to be, well, an alien.

“I didn’t quite know what to think,” said Bernadette, Mulder’s proud mom.

(Mulder is actually an ultra-realistic posable alien doll who was sculpted by award-winning special effects artist, J. Anthony Kosar.)

But she couldn’t help falling in love. Since delivery, Bernadette and James have taken Mulder on adventures all over the globe, and they chronicle their explorations via a Facebook page, “ALIEN BABY Mulder adventures.” Bernadette joins us today with a peek into Mulder’s life from their home base in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Ashton-Drake: How did Mulder come into your life?
Bernadette: I received the “Alien Baby” as a gift from my boss (a pediatrician) when she saw how much I liked collecting dolls. She is a bit of a prankster, so, she decided instead of a regular baby doll, she would get me the Greyson Alien Baby doll. When I first opened the box and saw him, I didn’t quite know what to think. I kind of thought, “What am I going to do with this doll?”  I brought him home and showed him to (my husband) James, and he really liked him. So, I thought, “Well, I can play along with this!” So I dressed him up and named him “Mulder” after Fox Mulder, from “The X-Files.”

Ashton-Drake: Mulder goes on lots of incredible adventures. What’s one of his favorite experiences?

Bernadette: We take Mulder almost everywhere we go. He has become sort of a mascot for us. He loves going to the New York City, Manhattan especially, and his favorite thing to do is go to the theater. He has seen several plays, including “Dear Evan Hansen” and “Sweeney Todd!” His favorite thing to eat/drink are specialty shakes from Black Top.

Photo by Bernadette and James.

Ashton-Drake: Is Mulder pretty easy to travel with? Do you have any tips for other parents traveling with alien babies?
Bernadette: Mulder is very easy to travel with. I usually just carry him in my arms like a baby, he loves for Mom to hold him. I also carry him in a little bag over my shoulder, especially on the Subway, he likes to hide out.

Most people are very interested in Mulder when they see him, and ask about him. Some, really love him so much, they start taking pictures of, and with him. The best was when we took him to the Alien Parade in Pine Bush New York. He was like a celebrity. Literally hundreds of people took pictures of him and wanted to hold him. He made quite the entrance in his Spacecraft that Daddy had built especially for him.

The one tip I can give for others traveling with their alien babies is this, have fun, be yourself. Just seeing you having such a great time, will make others want to know what your baby is all about. Sometimes I think other people just admire the fact that we can openly just treat him like a real baby/child, without regard to what others may be thinking. Some wouldn’t find it an easy thing to do, but it just comes naturally to us I guess. It is a fun role play that we can both share in.

Photo by Bernadette and James.

Ashton-Drake: What’s Mulder going to be for Halloween?
Bernadette: Last year, Mulder was an Astronaut for Halloween, and a clown. This year…well, you will have to stay tuned to his page, I’m not giving that surprise away!

Photo by Bernadette and James.

Thanks for being such great parents, Bernadette! Give Mulder our love!