Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

One of the most wonderful aspects about being in the collectible doll industry, is learning the story behind every doll. And, just like every doll has a story, every collector has their story as well.

Sandy Coward is an absolutely charming doll collector we met on the Ashton-Drake Galleries Facebook page. She took some time to share some of her story with us.

Ashton-Drake: What drew you into doll collecting?
Sandy Coward: I first got into collecting around the year 2003. My grandchildren introduced me to doll babies and gave me a catalog. I was hooked. In 2005, I found an Ashton-Drake Galleries Tiny Miracles baby at a flea market and it stole my heart… I didn’t know much about Ashton-Drake back then, but I started getting the little cards in magazines and after a couple years I just couldn’t stand it anymore! I wanted another one! I went online and saw Sandy Faber’s Welcome To The World newborn baby girl doll, and I had to have her. I wasn’t disappointed when I saw her little head full of dark hair and realized she looks a lot like my eldest daughter when she was born. That was July of 2016. She was followed by Little Grace, then Charlie and then Peanut.

Aiyona, also known as Little Peanut.

AD: Who have you shared your hobby with?
Coward: I am so proud of my Ashton-Drake Galleries babies! I’ve shared them with everyone I know. As soon as I got Welcome To The World, I took her to church with me. She was a big hit and everyone went crazy over her. I call her Loucritia Rose after my mother and one of my grandmothers. Loucritia is my favorite doll and I take her places with me a lot.

AD: Are your dolls meant for display or play?
Coward: I don’t just leave Loucritia on a shelf. I love to dress her and take pictures of her and all my babies and share them online. Everyone thinks Loucritia Rose is real at first. I had a hilarious incident one evening at McDonald’s. I took her in and I laid her on the table so I could check Facebook. I kind of had my arms resting on her when three police officers walked in. They kept staring at us real funny and started talking back and forth amongst each other. I got up and went to the restroom and told my husband who was at next table to keep an eye on Loucritia for me. When I came back, everyone at McDonald’s was laughing and looking at me! While I was gone one of the officers had come back to the table to check on her and realized she was a doll! We all got a good laugh out of that! He just laughed and shook his head at me!

Loucritia Rose, also known as Welcome To The World.

AD: What’s next on your Ashton-Drake wishlist?
Coward: My next Ashton-Drake on my wish list is 25th Anniversary Pretty In Pink! I don’t know if I can still get her or not. She is so beautiful and actually looks like pictures of myself as a baby.

Thanks for your continued support, Sandy!