Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

May’s Doll of the Month is Snuggle Close Sadie, created by renowned Master Doll Artist Marita Winters, a DOTY™ (Doll of the Year™) Award nominee. The first time I met Sadie, I fell instantly in love. She has the sweet innocence of a newborn baby curled up in slumber. Her long, hand-applied lashes rest gently on her plump little cheeks, and her adorable nose just begs for kisses. Really, every time I see her, all I want to do is hold her in my arms and rock gently.

But the best part is, she can actually cuddle! Sadie utilizes a special technology that gives her infinite range of motion, so you can pose her hundreds of different ways, in or out of your arms. You can tuck her arms under her head as she sleeps, you can wrap them around your arm as you cradle her. However you position her, she will maintain that pose until you reposition her. The technology is called Hold That Pose!®, and it is exclusive to The Ashton-Drake Galleries. I can’t even express how game-changing this feature was for me. Last Sunday was one of those peaceful spring mornings, where I had a chance to sit down and do some reading. I had Sadie cradled in one arm, and it really felt like she was holding on to me! It was so realistic.

Sadie is handcrafted out of RealTouch® vinyl skin, with a soft cloth body meant for snuggling. Her wispy hand-rooted hair looks perfect with her floral headband, and her adorable floral footies ensure her tiny toes stay warm.

And, I have an extra surprise! If you order Snuggle Close Sadie before May 31, you will also receive a FREE pink plush blanket trimmed with satin! Swaddle her, snuggle her, maybe read her a story. She’s definitely one of the best.

Do you have Sadie? What are some of your favorite poses? Post a picture of her on social media and tag us with #ashtondrake and #snuggleclosesadie, or email them over to me by May 31! One lucky person who shares a fan photo of her will win Sadie’s blanket!