Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

New year, new traditions! We’ve decided that each month, we’re going to pick one Ashton-Drake Galleries collectible doll to feature on our blog. During that month, we’ll share stories, a few pictures, maybe some pretend cake, and basically do what we can to make sure our featured baby doll feels special.

This month, our spotlight is on Ashley!

Pictured Below: So Truly Real® Ashley Baby Doll

I remember the first time I met Ashley. I saw her out of the corner of my eye as I was walking through the office. She was cuddled up on a fluffy pink blanket, sweetly sleeping. I stepped in for a closer peek and perhaps a snuggle, and then yelped in surprise when I felt her breathe! It definitely made me do a double-take.

Ashley is an amazingly realistic collectible baby doll. As she naps, her tiny chest gently lifts and falls when you lay your hand on her tummy. She is our very first So Truly Real® collectible vinyl doll who “breathes.” Watching her, you’re instantly transported into the sweetness of her slumber. Her innocence compels you to stroke her forehead and smooth her hand-rooted hair. To further the realism, Ashley’s body is loosely jointed, so when you cradle her in your arms, she feels just like a real newborn infant. When you pick her up, it creates a moment so real that love just pours out of your heart. I adore Ashley!

Here’s a video we took, so you can see her breathing:



I hope you get a chance to meet Ashley in person one day! She’s amazing. Now, who do you think we should feature next month? Let us know in the comments below!