Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

A precious baby doll you’ll fawn over!

Happy fall and happy November! Just like you, I look forward to the bustle of the holidays. The season calls for arranging plans with family on the upcoming holidays, setting up decorations, plans for meals and that is just on top of everyday life. It honestly can be so overwhelming (in all the best ways, of course) that things like getting through your gift list can present its own challenges of what to get for who. If you’ve been deciding on a baby doll for someone special, you’re going to want to meet Little Doe!

What we love about Little Doe is that she is a little snuggler! She is sculpted by master doll artis Sherry Rawn and is 17 inches tall. She comes with RealTouch® vinyl skin which is widely known by our Ashton-Drake fans that is a custom blend that makes Little Doe feel like a real baby. This little baby doll comes with some incredible hand-painted details around her eyes, mouth as well as her fingernails and toenails that almost look like a baby manicure. Plus, Little Doe comes with thoughtful blushing throughout her vinyl to make her as lifelike as possible. What also makes her so realistic is her weight, and as Veveca describes her as a “floppy style baby” – it allows her to feel like a real infant when you snuggle her.

Little Doe in blanket

Snuggle Up with Little Doe

Our artisans really take her soft and wavy hair to the next level with this hand-rooted process. Although we think she looks absolutely precious with her pink hat, her sweet little hair style is still something to fawn over. When you see her precious waves, you’ll see how it truly makes her blue eyes sparkle. Moving on to her outfit, she wears a newborn-style gown and diaper. A thoughtful feature of the gown are the custom removable mittens which is just like a real infant gown. A beautiful interlock that is white and pink, is enhanced by a decal of a baby deer with the words “Little Doe.” Her outfit is complimented with a fashionable, camo blanket that comes in gorgeous shades of pink. Much like a real baby deer, she can camouflage the cold with this snuggly wrap to keep her toasty and warm. No little baby is complete without her pacifier! This baby doll essential is magnetic and truly makes her look adorable especially when she’s wrapped up.

Little Doe is such a great gift for anyone on your gift list or if you want to treat yourself to this precious baby doll, she will certainly give you lifelong smiles and warm your heart with her snuggles. As you’re creating those gift lists – we want to make shopping easier for you. Browse through our full range of dolls online or if you’re someone that likes to thumb through pages, call our toll-free number to start filling your inbox with a little joy!

All of this information plus so much more can be seen on our Facebook Live video about our Little Doe, see it here!