Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

By Katie, Guest Blogger


Finding the perfect gift for each person in our lives. It’s a mission that either feels exhilarating or is viewed as a challenge ending with an excited reaction from the recipient and two hearts filled with joy. Ashton-Drake makes picking out presents fun: whether you’re flipping through a catalog or browsing the website, you’ll find a wide variety of exceptional dolls! Dolls make great gifts. I invite you to discover 5 of my favorite baby dolls that I have given as gifts!


5.) Clementine Needs A Cuddle – Have a friend in need of a pick-me-up these days? What I love about Clementine is the expression on her face. It is so sweet, adorable, and brimming with a little bit of mischief. The one in your life who needs a laugh and a hug will appreciate Clementine.

4.) Rosie – Everybody loves a baby you can swaddle. My Mom, my grandmother and well, me too…love snuggling up to a newborn baby. Gift your grandmother Rosie to hold close…her little body wrapped tightly in a swaddle blanket is great to cuddle and she smells just like a freshly bathed baby – with the scent of baby powder. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

3.) Mrs. Beasley – She brings back memories…good memories. Nostalgia tends to keep us feeling as happy as can be. Who doesn’t want to feel happy and be reminded of a favorite moment in time that was created in a movie or on TV? That’s why Mrs. Beasley makes a perfect gift if your friend watched this series in the mid-60s. I have given her as a gift a few times, and what conversation flows after that always warms my heart.

2.) DOBBY™ The House Elf – Experiencing HARRY POTTER™ was always a family affair. Each time one of my sisters was introduced to the series, we fell in love with the movies all over again. Like HARRY POTTER, we fell in love at the same time HARRY POTTER did with DOBBY when we saw him jumping on Harry’s bed. If your son or daughter is a big Harry Potter fan, DOBBY is the perfect gift.

1.) Little Explorer – As a Mom, there is nothing like seeing your child discover new things. You didn’t have to leave your backyard to discover a whole new world. Little Explorer captures that exact emotion of delight and adventure when Liam the little explorer finds a new dragonfly friend. I have brought home a few stray creatures in my day. My Mom didn’t really like the little creatures (bugs is what she called them), but she was always interested in what I liked about them. What was it about them that fascinated me? Both explorer and Mom will love this gift.


As you can see, I love giving premium-quality dolls from Ashton-Drake as gifts to my loved ones. Dolls offer many tangible benefits: from a simple heartwarming hug that brings back nostalgic memories to unique features with fine handcraftsmanship sought out by collectors. Their beauty alone draws one in too, which often marks the beginning of a new friendship. Most importantly, they provide emotional connection. Receiving a doll is a gift that creates a lasting bond between both you and the recipient and between the recipient and the doll. There is no greater blessing than to give your mother, grandmother, son or nephew, and friends in your life a beloved doll from Ashton-Drake. Scroll through our wide selection on the website to find the perfect one for them. Happy shopping!