Fan Photos – July 2017

July 2, 2017

We love it when you send in photos of your new additions! You can either email them right over to us, or you can tag us, #ashtondrake, in a social media post. Here are some of our favorites this month.

Thanks for the love, YariJose Love! Baby Claire is so sweet.

Summertime sweetness with Sadie! Thanks for sharing, Logan Suzy!

Thanks to Linda Valentine Robertson for this sweet, snuggly photo of our Bundle of Love baby doll.

What a darling little girl!  Little Peanut looks so happy in this photo. Thanks for sharing, avasbabies!

    • Patricia Kindsvatter
    • January 10, 2018

    Will AD ever create an affordable full body silicone doll

    • Melissa Anne Miller
    • January 10, 2018

    I’ll pass this along!

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