Fan Photos: April 2018

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We love Jasmine’s team spirit! Thanks for the fan photo, @dietpeppers!

Look how snuggly these three are!  Thank you for sharing such a sweet moment, @rebornsrfun17!

Oh my goodness, Ashley is so precious.  Love her so much, Tania Teasley!

Little Grace is every bit as cute as the cupcakes on her onesie, and even sweeter! What a great present from your brother, @xokrissypoo

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    • Cindy Pflieger
    • April 29, 2018

    I have 6 Ashton Drake dolls and saving for my 7. I just love the dolls. Could you send me your current book. I have not received one in a while.

    • kamani
    • April 29, 2018

    Lil rascal ! So cute , our whole family loves him , getting so many compliments, thank you so much for making a doll come to live .

    • RC
    • April 29, 2018

    I LOVE my baby doll Katie (So Truly Real), that I purchased in 12/2017 however, there is only 1 outfit for So Truly Real dolls that I have discovered since receiving your catalogs and all the other items are for So Truly Mine. Will outfits for So Truly Real dolls ever be obtainable? If not, what size outfit would you suggest for a 19″ baby doll?

    • Teresa
    • April 30, 2018

    I recently started my collections and I love my dolls….

    • Artemisia Joshua
    • May 6, 2018

    I love your doll there so cute

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    I have three Ashton Drake dolls. I love them all. I only wish Smile Awhile Skylar was a bigger chubbier baby. Of the three she has the most realistic features. Her smile is adorable. She just is not big enough to really hold and cuddle. My other two are both Linda Murray babies, one is little Grace all vinyl she is heavy and i like the mohair, more realistic. I have Chloe, she is my favorite, she is 22 inches and also has mohair. I made her a boy, and he is adorable. Skylar,s hair was hand rooted and was patchy to say the least. I keep a hat or hair band on her at all times. Sherry Rawn made her and i had first ordered Daddy,s Girl, she was out of stock and i got skylar. I loved the big up close expression in the eyes and her mouth, they changed her and many other dolls and i was not happy. I notice now they tend to make 15 -17 inch dolls almost exclusively. Please go back to 20-22 inch real life babies. They do not need to breath or laugh or move, Just need to be bigger to hold and love.

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