Fan Photos – August 2017

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It is so heartwarming to see such wonderful photos of Ashton-Drake collectible dolls with their new families. Thank you so much for sending them in, and keep them coming! You can either email them to us, or post them on social media with the tag #ashtondrake.

Benjamin is a cutie in a hoodie. Thanks for the great photo, doll.lover.42!

Daddy’s Little Girl is soaking up a great summer. Thank you, Jamie Boucher-Beebe!

We love Katie’s new outfit! Thanks for the photo, Remy Vincy!

Little Peanut is precious and posable! Thanks for the photo, Avasbabies!

Sweet Baby Liam has his own sweet blankie! So cute. Thanks for the great shot, nessadaisynursery.


    • Carol gilmer
    • September 1, 2017

    I love all of the dolls I have a lot of them wish I could get another one but have to pay bills first

    • Jean
    • September 1, 2017

    Some of them look like real baby’s. and then others look like dolls.

    • Vicky Schnorbus
    • September 2, 2017

    I have several Ashton Drake dolls. The quality far outshadows those from other places.

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