Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Love these fan photos! Thanks to everyone for sharing your dolls’ adventures with us. Keep them coming! If you have a photo or two you’d like to share with us for a chance to be featured, you can either email them to me, or post them on social media with the tag #ashtondrake.

Tasha is so cute snuggled up with her toy! Thanks for the photo, VL Tremblay!

Footie pajamas get me every time. Give our love to Skylar, Leah Lawson!

I see a dimple! Thanks for this adorable photo of Daddy’s Little Girl, Jamie Boucher!

Little Peanut looks so sweet in her darling hoodie! Thank you for sharing this with us, @hachihuynh!

Little Charlie is all buckled up and ready to go! Thanks for the snapshot, Delores Hamlett!