Fan Photos: January 2018

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Looks like someone’s hinting for another brother or sister!  Thanks for the adorable shot, @DietPeppers!

Little Peanut’s sparkling blue eyes always make me melt, and that outfit is the cutest! Thank you for the photo, @hachihuynh!

Just a boy and his dog, what a sweet little pair!  Thanks for the photo of Mason, @zorticias_reborn_world!

One of these is a real baby, but which one?  Thanks for the adorable fan photo, @Amelia_hambrook!

We call her Sophia, but she’s Julia in her new home! Thanks for sharing, @BeckyJCraft!

We absolutely love every fan photo we receive because it shows us that you love these dolls as much as we do! Do you have a favorite photo of your little one to share? Share it on our Facebook wall, use #AshtonDrake on Instagram, or email me for your chance to be featured!

    • Julie wilson
    • February 8, 2018

    Thank you for the most beautiful baby I have Ashley and she has brought me so much joy and comfort I love her to pieces

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