Fan Photos – November 2017

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Seeing your fan photos always brightens my day!  If you have a photo or two you’d like to share with us, you can either email them to me, or post them on social media with the tag #ashtondrake.

Charlie is so cute snuggled up with his puppy! Thank you for the sweet shot, @lovemydolls!
I wonder what Greyson is getting ready to crochet? Thanks for sharing, rebornsnuzzles!

Little Peanut is so photogenic! So cute. Thanks for the photo, hachihuynh!

Ryan is always so smiley! Thanks for sharing, Nancy Grace Ruth Healey!
Jasmine loves bath time! Thanks for the adorable photo, @dietpeppers!

Shhh…Sophia sweetly sleeps. Thanks for sharing that moment with us, @jennasreborns4683!

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