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May 10, 2018

As Mother’s Day approaches, we wanted to celebrate all of the women who love deeply, nurture endlessly, and give generously. Being a mom is about more than giving birth, it’s about taking care of those around you, and for that we are so grateful. (Thanks, Mom!)

As our way of saying thanks, we created a free printable Mother’s Day card just for you! Just print it out (cardstock works great!), sign it and give one to all the moms you know!

Here are some of our favorite maternal moments that you all shared with us last year. Do you have stories of your own? Share them with us for a chance to win a new doll! Today through Mother’s Day, May 11th, we will randomly choose one winner per day. Click here for more details.

“A cherished mom moment I have is the day I held my oldest in my arms for the first time, the day I got to see his little face in person, look into his big eyes and knew instantly he was my little bundle of joy.”
–Susan Innes

“Best memory so far is taking Eskimo Kisses doll into a store to buy clothing. So many people came up asking “Is she real?” My granddaughter got such a kick out of people asking question- it put a smile on her face. I’ll remember the rest of my days all because of a doll that made her happy.”
–Shelia Clavier

Pictured below: Eskimo Kisses

“My most cherished moment is when I saw my 88 year old mother’s face light up when I gave her my Ashton Drake baby. She had purchased several over the years but when she was put into a nursing home they all disappeared. She holds onto this baby like she’s made of gold. She takes her everywhere and shows her off to all the other residents of the facility, they all love her as well.”
–Margaret Clark

“That first moment that I got to hold one of my children for the first time. There was no better feeling. Now I have had that feeling return with the birth of each of my three grandchildren.”
–Norma Crowell

“My mother loved dolls. Every Christmas until I was up in my teen age years, I received a beautiful doll, babies were my favorite. My mother’s smile lit up the room every time we welcomed a new “baby” into our family. My mother lost her battle to cancer when I was 21, but my love of baby dolls continues to lay softly in my heart.”
–Daryl Foyer

Pictured below: So Truly Mine® Baby Dolls

“There are so many. My mom was my best friend and we did crafts together, shared recipes, and laughed so much. My mom will be gone 4 years next month and I miss her every day.”
–Julie Fisher

“My favorite mom moment is when my boys were small and they fixed me dinner for my birthday, as a single mom I cherished this moment.”
–Brenda Brantley

“One of my cherished Mom moment is when my daughters oncologist told us that she was in remission! Now I cherish every day that I get to watch her grow”
–Anna Snyder

Pictured below: Sweet Butterfly Kisses Interactive Baby Doll

“I have an 18 month old and for the longest time I have tried to teach her to say I love you since she copies most words we say. A couple days ago she comes up to me hugs my leg and says “wuff you.” Oh my goodness, I almost cried. It was so cute and she smiled so big at me. Made my heart melt”
–Melissa Jacobs

“My mother and I have a special bond. I never miss a holiday with my mother especially birthdays and Mother’s Day. My mother’s very first doll was My Daughter My Joy and it was given to her on Mother’s Day 2015 around the same time my daughter Heaven was born and my mother named her doll after my daughter.”
–Maria Aponte

“Being a mother is the most rewarding yet challenging experience of a woman’s life. That requires you to love unconditionally and give some times until you have nothing left. I was blessed to carry, deliver and raise three wonderful children. They are now teens and experiencing wider range of freedom. Each of my children have taught me how to love and enjoy life beyond measure. They’ve made me a better person. Knowing that many women are unable to have children of their own, has made me appreciate the gift of being a mother. Although giving birth is not the only way to be a mom. I’ve had the joy of watching other women love and nurture children they have acquired in different ways. I’ve witnessed the beauty of stepmoms, adoptive moms and most recently the motherhood that Ashton Drake has brought to many wonderful women. Motherhood should be celebrated each day. Each of us are who we are because of the women in our lives.”
–Crystal Potts

We’re looking forward to hearing your stories! Click here to share yours with us, and you could win a The Ashton-Drake Galleries baby doll – enter daily through May 11!

Pictured below: Every Day is Mother’s Day Poseable Baby Doll

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Just received baby Katie, she is just perfect. Very well packaged, looks just like her picture, smells great. I bought her for my special needs daughter, she hasn’t put her down yet .We can’t wait to meet our other new arrival, baby Grace. Hopefully we get her soon. Awesome, will do business again! Would recommend Ashton Drake to everyone.

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Amazing company. My daughter loves these dolls which are beautiful. They are perfect and any little girls dream! Can’t say enough good about this company!

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I have always enjoyed all of my purchases from Ashton-Drake Galleries. I have never been disappointed or needed to return anything. When it comes to dolls, they just keep getting it right.

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