Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

It’s been a busy morning of errands and shopping out in the cold, and it’s time to relax and warm up in your absolute favorite way. You lift your Ashton-Drake baby from her crib and gently pull her to your chest. Suddenly you’re filled with warmth and comfort.

Not a week goes by where we don’t hear about a tender moment like this, and it truly melts our hearts. That’s why in this season of comfort and joy, we’re celebrating the emotional connection fans feel with our dolls.

Exactly what makes our dolls so comforting, though? A big part of it is our Ashton-Drake Differences. Most of our dolls feature weighted cloth bodies, soft natural hand-rooted hair, and lifelike textured skin that can bring about some of the same feelings as when you snuggle a real baby. Plus, there are those expressions! Whose day isn’t brightened at the sight of a smiling baby? In fact, our dolls do more than just brighten peoples’ days. Just look at the testimonials some of our fans have shared with us:

Such a Comfort to My Mom

“I bought this baby for my mom with Alzheimer’s and what a joy she brings. Such a comfort to my mom always smiling. Best money I’ve spent 😘”
~Kaylene, Ashton Drake Customer

Perfect for Giving Me Comfort

“I practice doll therapy and Peanut is perfect for giving me the comfort I need. The weighted body adds to the experience.”
~Laura M., Ashton-Drake Customer

So if you’re looking for a gift that will bring Comfort and Joy this holiday season, be sure to check out our huge selection of dolls that are guaranteed to arrive on time for Christmas. If you plan on buying for Christmas, though, we urge you to get your orders in soon before all your favorites are gone!

Warm wishes,

Laurie James, Executive Director

Laurie James
Ashton-Drake Executive Director