Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

Doll of the Month

Hi everyone, welcome to our brand new Doll of the Month series. In it, we’ll be featuring a different doll each month and discussing just what makes him or her so special. It’ll be a fun and informative way to keep you up to date on our newest releases and to teach you more about the love and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into bringing each of our dolls to life.

This time around, since it’s February and everyone has love on their minds, we’ve decided to introduce an exciting new baby doll with a truly heartwarming feature – she actually warms up when held! Her name is Hazel’s Warming Cuddles, and she is simply a must-have for anyone who finds joy and comfort in cradling a baby.

Now, if you’ve been an Ashton-Drake fan for a while, you may remember that we offered a warming baby doll some years ago. With that cutie, we set to recreate the warming sensation that comes from holding a baby by adding a removable pouch that you could microwave and put back in the doll. The result was a doll that was delightfully warm to the touch – and quite popular.

Times have changed though, and technology has advanced, so we decided to look for innovative new – and more convenient – ways to emulate the tender warmth of a little one. After doing some digging, what really caught our attention was winter apparel – hats, scarves, socks – that heated up to keep you warm in the cold. We thought, “If they can do it with clothes, why can’t we do it with baby dolls?” So we did, and a few months later, Hazel’s Warming Cuddles was born.

Her back AND tummy warm!

How it Works

Hazel’s technology may be innovative, but getting her to warm up is as simple as can be. Just press the discrete button on her neck once to activate a heating pad tucked inside her tummy, a second time to turn on a heating pad in her back, a third time to use both at once, and a final time to turn off the warming. And then, so you can always tell which heating pads are in use, a subtle light (red on the front pad; green on the back) emanates when active. Then lastly, as a safety feature, Hazel works on a timer that automatically stops her warming function after ten minutes.

The Ashton-Drake Differences

In addition to Hazel’s warming mechanism, she boasts everything else that makes our realistic baby dolls so unbelievably lifelike. She features a design by Master Doll Artist Waltraud Hanl, which means she was sculpted for beautiful realism, from that little button nose to the crinkles and nails on the fingers and toes. The sculpt is then exactingly recreated in our super-soft RealTouch vinyl, and then hand painted to highlight every detail.

Beautifully hand painted

And boy is she snuggly! Her body is made from cloth and realistically weighted, and she’s poseable too so you can cuddle her in different ways. And, like all of our So Truly Real lifelike baby dolls, she has hair that’s hand rooted so it’s soft and comforting to the touch.

In short, Hazel’s Warming Cuddles is a doll that’s so lifelike she must be seen – and felt – to be believed. Click HERE to learn more.


Click to meet Hazel: https://bit.ly/3Hnc9IJ

Posted by The Ashton-Drake Galleries on Thursday, February 3, 2022