Holiday Gift Guide for Doll Collectors

December 5, 2017

This post is dedicated to all of my fellow doll collectors, who have graciously accepted Christmas gifts in the form of (yet another) cozy robe, or perhaps (yet again) a huge mug decorated with some witty saying, or perhaps even an enormous box of chocolates that invariably derails weight loss resolutions. We smile. We say thank you. And then we drink enormous bowls of coffee in our comfy robes as we page through the new Ashton-Drake Galleries catalog, wistfully noting the dolls we wished we could have added to our collection.

This gift guide is for you. Print it out and stick it on the fridge. Casually leave this post open on your computer for the next person to see. Or, let me know who to notify and I’ll just reach out to them directly. Doll collectors, unite! This Christmas, let’s get what we really want!

So Truly Real® Dolls
So Truly Real® dolls are a doll collector’s favorite. Their incredible realism and irresistible charm capture the wonder and innocence of precious babies. Sculpted by Master Doll Artists such as Linda Murray and Ping Lau, each doll is then hand-cast in soft vinyl or supple silicone and hand-painted to capture every adorably lifelike detail. Here are a few of my favorites:

Pictured below: Sophia

Pictured below: Little Peanut

Pictured below: Sweet Butterfly Kisses


So Truly Mine® Toy Dolls for Ages 3+
Ashton-Drake Galleries designed So Truly Mine® toy dolls to have many of the same features as our high-end collectible dolls, but with a size and construction perfect for young doll collectors. Handcrafted and hand-painted, these beautiful dolls are weighted and poseable, and are sure to delight their recipient. Plus, you can choose from twelve different hair, skin and eye color options to make So Truly Mine® so truly hers!

Pictured below: So Truly Mine® Toy Dolls

Monkey Dolls
Coco is a favorite here at Ashton-Drake. Her charming expression and incredibly lifelike details always make us smile. Linda Murray, Cindy Sales and Simon Laurens are among the Master Doll Artists that we work with to create the original sculpts for all of our monkey dolls. You’ll see their talent reflected in each one of our monkey dolls, from the tiny wrinkles in their hands and feet, to the warmth of their facial expressions. Our monkey dolls will for sure deliver delight on Christmas Day!

Pictured below: Coco Baby Monkey Doll

Pop Culture Dolls
Some of our most beloved collectible dolls are inspired by pop culture. Take Mrs. Beasley for example, inspired by the 50th anniversary of the classic 1960s show “Family Affair!” Definitely be sure to peruse all of our pop culture favorites, here are a few that are on my wish list this year:

Pictured below: Mrs. Beasley

Pictured below: A Charlie Brown Christmas

Pictured below: HERMAN MUNSTER

Porcelain Dolls
Ashton-Drake offers some of the finest, most exquisite porcelain dolls in my opinion. I know I may be a little biased, but the intricate and refined detail of these collectible dolls is breathtaking. One of my favorites is A Love So Precious Bride Doll, created by renowned award-winning Master Doll Artist Cindy McClure. Handcrafted in the finest bisque porcelain and expertly hand-painted and blushed to achieve a radiant glow, this doll perfectly captures the beauty and significance of a wedding day. Porcelain dolls make wonderful, heirloom presents. Here are some of my top picks for this category:

Pictured below: A Love So Precious

Pictured below: Titania, Queen of the Fairies

Pictured below: Mirella Bride Doll

Christmas Themed Dolls
Celebrate the joy of Christmas by gifting an Ashton-Drake collectible keepsake! From Santa dolls to sweet angelic baby dolls, each one of our beautiful Christmas dolls is sure to delight. Every year, I prominently display Linda Murray’s “The Savior is Born” Baby Doll, a magnificent portrayal of the Baby Jesus, and one that I think captures the true spirit of Christmas. Another family favorite is our White Christmas Santa, a 25” heirloom quality doll fully sculpted by Master Doll Artist Karen Vander Logt. His stunning floor-length robe is cleverly lined with sparkling LED lights.

Pictured below: A Savior is Born
Pictured below: White Christmas Santa

Pictured below: Wrapped Up in Christmas Twin Baby Doll Set

Doll Accessories
No doll collection is complete without collectible-quality doll accessories! Here are a couple suggestions for the doll collector who has everything:

Pictured below: Bassinet for Baby DollPictured below: Party Dress

  1. I gave Katie to my sweet grandaughter last year for Christmas. She truly loves her baby. I would love to win a Christmas giveaway for her. I have entered the first giveaway. Perhaps I will win.

    • Marcia Clark
    • December 14, 2017

    I would love to have an Ashton Drake doll but they don’t have a full body silicone baby with open eyes and rooted hairbthat takes a regular pacifier.

    • Karen Servold
    • January 27, 2018

    I have two of the three Ashton Drake Sandy Faber breast cancer awareness collection, Faith, Hope and Charity. I have Hope and Charity and would like to sell them. They are in excellent condition. I can send pictures through email.

    • Brean
    • February 21, 2018

    I want a full silicone that opens its mouth

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Just received baby Katie, she is just perfect. Very well packaged, looks just like her picture, smells great. I bought her for my special needs daughter, she hasn’t put her down yet .We can’t wait to meet our other new arrival, baby Grace. Hopefully we get her soon. Awesome, will do business again! Would recommend Ashton Drake to everyone.

October 22,2020

Very Pleased

I’m very pleased with the speed of getting my order. The dolls are beautiful. They look like the ones on the website. This has made my Christmas knowing my granddaughters will have the babies they wanted under the tree.
Thank you Ashton Drake.

Denise P.
October 23, 2020

Amazing Company

Amazing company. My daughter loves these dolls which are beautiful. They are perfect and any little girls dream! Can’t say enough good about this company!

Janey T
October 23, 2020

Never Disappointed

I have always enjoyed all of my purchases from Ashton-Drake Galleries. I have never been disappointed or needed to return anything. When it comes to dolls, they just keep getting it right.

Lil Mama
October 24, 2020
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