Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

It seems like this summer, more than ever, I’ve been hearing about Christmas in July. Sales in stores, parties, 24/7 movies, name it. So one afternoon last week, it got me thinking, why not see if my family wants to join in on the fun?

With visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, I stepped out under the hot July sun and crossed the yard to the pool, where my loved ones were splashing around and volleying a beach ball to one another. They were having so much summer fun, I was a little scared they’d think I was crazy bringing up Christmas. To my surprise though, they stopped, stared for a moment, then burst into excited chatter.

“I’ll get the decorations!”

“I’m going to make my wish list!”

“Who’s baking the cookies?”

By the end of the evening, our living room – air conditioner blasting – was aglow with Christmas magic, the smell of chocolate chip cookies filled the air, and the holiday music was blaring. And, of course, that put me in the mood for one of my favorite activities – Christmas shopping!

Now, being that I work here at Ashton-Drake, I’m surrounded by our dolls all the time. Just like you though, I still enjoy loading up the website from time to time, and browsing through our beautiful creations – especially the holiday items. And this time around I found two that I’m particularly excited about welcoming into my home.

The first struck a chord because it would allow me to, as I always try to do, add a little humor to the holiday. It’s the Make it Merry! Santa Claus. He’s a jolly two feet tall, hand painted to highlight his merry features, and dressed up in his traditional Santa suit complete with sack over the shoulder. This Santa has a twist, though – beneath his wire-rimmed glasses he’s winking, amused by the t-shirts you’re able to choose for him.

And, best yet, there’s a t-shirt design for just about everyone!

For those who especially appreciate the spirits of the season, there’s “Get lit for the holidays” surrounded by a strand of lights, and “Dashing Through Merlot” featuring a wine glass. There’s also “What a Purr Fect Christmas” for cat fans, and other festive designs too. After careful consideration, and catching a glimpse of my puggle settling in under the tree for a long summer’s nap, I opted for the all-too-fitting shirt that said “Happy Howl-idays!” It’s perfect for anyone like me who wants to have more than a little doggone fun this year.

The other item that caught my eye was the new Mrs. Beasley Glass Ornament. You see, my mom used to watch Family Affair and even had her own Mrs. Beasley plush doll. A few years back, I surprised her with Ashton-Drake’s talking Mrs. Beasley replica doll, and she almost cried. This year, I decided I’ll buy the ornament (which is really pretty – made from hand-painted retro-style blown glass) and put it on my tree for her to find. When she does, and her eyes light up I’ll say, “Surprise! She’s yours to take home!”

Picking out decorations and gifts for loved ones filled me with a Christmas cheer that made this already hot July seem even warmer. I guess that’s what Christmas in July is all about!

So, whether you’re looking to start spreading Christmas cheer this summer, or you just want to get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping for the big day in December, check out our selection of holiday dolls here.

Merry Christmas in July!