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A Comforting Doll for Times of Uncertainty

By Laurie James, Ashton-Drake Editor-in-Chief

With COVID-19 impacting the lives of people all across the world, we are certainly facing a challenging time. And while we’re hunkered down in our homes, in some cases separated from friends and loved ones, many of us have found ourselves turning to the little things that provide us with a bit of extra comfort.

therapy doll for comfortTo me, and I’m sure many of you, there is a great deal of joy and comfort to be found in lifelike baby dolls. Whether it’s the feelings of nostalgia from dressing them up in a precious little outfit, the warmth you experience cradling them in your arms and gazing into their eyes, or just the sense of companionship that comes from having a little one around the house, the happiness and security dolls can bring is truly wonderful.

That’s why, in this unprecedented situation, we at Ashton-Drake decided to do our part to brighten up the lives of a few of the folks being affected by the repercussions of the coronavirus—with the help of a very special little doll who’s specifically designed to bring comfort.

Kayla the Comfort Doll

Kayla the Comfort Doll is truly remarkable. She is poseable, with a proportionally weighted body like a real baby’s, but lighter so she is easier to pick up, hug and hold. Her skin feels authentic too with her arms, legs, and head all made with our soft and supple RealTouch® vinyl. Then, so she looks as real as she feels, all of her features, from her adorable face to the wrinkles on her fingers and toes are expertly sculpted, and her soft hair is rooted by hand. Plus, she wears a cozy pink velour sleeper and cap, sure to make anyone want to snuggle!

Kayla is the Perfect Doll to Share Some Comfort with a Loved One

therapy doll for anxietyWe knew there were so many people who could use a little extra love and companionship right now, and we also knew Kayla was the perfect doll to provide it. So we decided to hold a Facebook contest and give Kayla the Comfort Doll to three random winners who, in turn, could gift the doll to a friend or loved one in need. Our fans were invited to stop by our Facebook page between April 18th and April 20th and simply tell us about someone who could use a little extra comfort right now. Maybe it was a teenage niece experiencing anxiety. Or a neighbor feeling isolated because of social distancing. Perhaps a senior who’s overwhelmed and confused by all the changes happening.

We received over 560 comments on our Facebook page (you can read them all here), and it was impossible to choose the most deserving. Fortunately, our winners were selected at random so we didn’t have to pick at all. Congratulations to:

  • Dovie Cribbs
  • Athena Pollard
  • Kelly Grant

Togetherness in Uncertain Times

Now, more than ever, we must come together, sharing love, comfort, and support. And whether that means surprising somebody with a premium-quality Kayla doll from Ashton-Drake, or simply taking an extra moment to call someone we care about, we can all do our part to help each other get through these trying times.

Stay safe, happy, and healthy!

More information about Kayla the Comfort Doll is available at the Ashton-Drake website.