The Lifelike Magic Behind Our So Truly Real® Dolls

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Here at The Ashton-Drake Galleries, we really strive to imbue our collectible dolls with lifelike nuances. That extra bit of realism really goes a long way in enhancing our relationship with our dolls. We also believe that touch helps create a strong bond between parent and child, so we try to capture that relationship with some of our dolls as well.  Our touch-activated collectible dolls are interactive.  They respond to gentle caresses, or even touches as light as a butterfly kiss.

Take Katie, for example. She is one of our So Truly Real® baby dolls. When you cradle her in your arms, you’ll immediately notice how she’s weighted to feel like a real baby. Run a finger gently down her sweet rosy cheeks, and you’ll marvel at how lifelike and soft her RealTouch® skin feels. Gently rest your hand on her chest, and you’ll even feel a tiny heart “beat.” Katie evokes such a sense of nurturing not just because she looks so real, but because she actually responds to you. It’s an incredible feeling to interact with her.

Video Below Features Katie Baby Doll

Sweet Butterfly Kisses is another of our collectible baby dolls who responds to the slightest touch. Flutter your eyelashes on her cheek and she’ll make the most adorable little sounds, just like a delighted baby! Her every detail adds lifelike charm, from her lovingly hand-rooted curls, to her tiny hand-painted toenails. We even designed her soft cloth body specially, so she can snuggle in your arms just like a real baby.

Pictured below: Sweet Butterfly Kisses

Another fan favorite is Sophia. She is an amazingly lifelike baby doll who really captures the heartwarming sweetness of a baby’s slumber.  As you cradle her in your arms, you’ll see her chest gently rise and fall, and you’ll revel in hearing her soft sleepy coos of satisfaction.  Sophia is such a love.

Video below features Sophia Baby Doll

One of the first reflexes a baby exhibits is grasping. Stroke a newborn baby’s palm, and she’ll immediately grab your finger and hold on tight. Research suggests that this is one way a newborn maximizes skin contact in order to establish a bond with her parents. Baby Olivia shares this same reflexive action. Gently press her hand, and her tiny baby fingers will curl around yours in a remarkably realistic and endearing way.

Video Below Features Baby Olivia

Of course, one of the most exciting milestones in baby’s first year, are those first few steps. With your help and encouragement, Isabella will summon up her courage and walk! Hold her hands and cajole her just a little bit, and she’ll toddle toward you for a hug. She’s so delighted by her newfound freedom, and you can just see excitement reflected in her sparking blue eyes.

Video Below Features Isabella

Is there something you wish your baby dolls could do? Let us know in the comments below, or drop us an email! We’d love to hear your ideas!

    • Jaedan
    • May 21, 2018

    Which babies are more realistic? with sounds & crying and breathing ?

      • Melissa Anne Miller
      • May 23, 2018

      Take a look at our So Truly Real dolls, some of them even have “heartbeats” 🙂

    • Sherry Miles
    • May 23, 2018

    Your babies are great I have five of them but I had 8 three I couldn’t bond with two my daughter has which is peanut and Benjamin and I have sweet dreams Danny and cuddle Caitlin but when you make them Don’t use the same kit use a different kit make them all different kits leave Sweet dreams Danny as is and cuddle Caitlin but please take out and leave out the rods that you put in them and use real poly-pellets and stop using brown sand to weight the babies and but magnets in the babies mouth area to let them have magnet pacifers on the one that don’t have to have batteries Sophia is fine the way she is but use a different kit then Danny’s cause he doesn’t look good as a girl baby I totally reborn my cuddle Caitlin she has a new body still 17inches long and she weighs like a preemie baby should 4lbs 7oz and stop gluung on the hair hand rooted all babies cause my welcome to the world boy doll has glued hair and over time it comes off he’s the only one that I know of that’s like that these are some changes I see in the dolls cause then they be worth the price we pay for them Please stop using the same kits for other dolls make them different like all real babies are use one particular kit for one particular doll for sample sweet dreams Danny keep him as a boy but change Sophia’s kit thanks for hearing my opinion

    • Josephine Colon
    • June 10, 2018

    Hi I’m hoping you can help me. I bought my granddaughter the peanut baby about a month ago. My granddaughter is head over heels for this doll. She called hysterical crying because her doll started turning grey on the fingers and face. She didn’t put it in water or anything like that. Has this ever happened? If so is there anything I can do to clean it? Please advise, my granddaughter is crushed.
    Thank you
    Josephine Colon
    (phone number removed)

      • Melissa Anne Miller
      • June 13, 2018

      Oh my goodness, your poor granddaughter! Our customer service folks are the best at helping us take care of our dolls! You can contact them either via phone at: 1-800-634-5164, or via email at: I’m sure they can help!

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