Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

It’s just about here—the time of year when I can slide up the windows and let the warm spring breeze and the sweet aroma of blossoming flowers sweep away the last remnants of winter. It’s the season for rebirth and new beginnings, and, boy, after the year we’ve just had, could we ever use a fresh start! And that’s exactly what our Let Your Heart Blossom catalog is about.

For one thing, our nursery is blooming! After a busy holiday season, many of our most popular dolls are again available for you to bring home. Be on the lookout for them, and all the others marked “Back in Bloom!”

We’re also offering a whole selection of brand new dolls:

It’s a total of 17 new dolls in all!

And to further celebrate things being born anew, look for my “New Beginnings” messages all through the catalog pages. Each one gives a behind-the-scenes look at how our dolls are born, and what makes them the number one choice for collectors.

The little ones presented in our catalog are sure to make your heart blossom with love. Bring one (or lots!) home for yourself and your loved ones to make this spring the beginning of something beautiful!

Interested in receiving the Ashton-Drake catalog delivered directly to your door? Be sure to request a subscription and bring the love of dolls to your own mailbox!

Warm spring wishes,

Laurie James, Executive Director

Laurie James
Ashton-Drake Executive Director

P.S. We’re on the lookout for some heartwarming fan photos for an upcoming catalog. Click here for details!