Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Meet Master Doll Artist Sherry Rawn, the acclaimed sculptor behind some of The Ashton-Drake Galleries’ most adored dolls. Rawn is best known for her ability to infuse her sculpts with character and charisma. You’ll see her talent in the award-winning It’s Not Easy Being Cute Baby Doll, who was featured on the January 11, 2011 airing of “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.” In the show’s sketch, audience members attempted to mimic the doll’s one-of-a-kind facial expression and pose — the interpretive attempts were absolutely fantastic!

Pictured below: It’s Not Easy Being Cute

Ontario, Canada-based Rawn is a multi-talented artist, with a background in sketching, oil painting and sculpting. In 1993, she used pottery clay to sculpt her first set of dolls, modeling them off a portrait of her parents. She later switched to sculpting with polymer clay, finding that this medium enabled her to capture the nuanced expressions she was seeking to create. Rawn was inspired by the creative freedom polymer clay provided her, and began to create one-of-a-kind, or “OOAK,” dolls that she sold on eBay. Her unique dolls soon had a loyal following, and collectors all around the world sought out her creations. It was at this point that Rawn knew she had found her calling, and she decided to start sculpting full-time.

In 2007, Rawn joined forces with Ashton-Drake, and the partnership has been absolutely fantastic! The It’s Not Easy Being Cute Baby Doll was one of our first collaborations, and it went on to win the 2009 DOTY (Doll of the Year) Industry Choice Award. Since then, Rawn has collaborated with us on several more creations, including her most recent, the Happy Camper Baby Doll. True to his name, you can see the excitement in his eyes and laughter just waiting to burble forth from his lips. He even comes with his very own blanket that zips into a sleeping bag.

Pictured below: Happy Camper

Another one of my favorite Sherry Rawn creations is Ella, who is so lifelike, you almost have to remind yourself that she’s a doll. But when you pick her up, something wonderful happens: she breathes slowly and sweetly, letting you know how happy she is to be held. You can see Rawn’s love in Ella as well, in her cute button nose and in her beautifully inquisitive eyes.

Pictured Below: Ella

And of course, I have to share Daddy’s Little Girl with you. Rawn sculpted her to celebrate the very special bond shared between a dad and his daughter. With her big brown eyes and sweet rosy cheeks, she is irresistibly cute.

Pictured below: Daddy’s Little Girl

If you could have any one of Sherry Rawn’s creations, who would it be? Let us know in the comments below! (Honestly, I want every single one of them.)