Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

Every autumn I think of years past, when my little ones and I would go pumpkin picking! Oh, the look of excitement when my daughter would find the perfect pumpkin, or the way my son would tug on my sleeve and pull me to his special find. Who knows what it was about those particular pumpkins? They always seemed to just know.

Which is kind of like our lifelike baby dolls. Sometimes we are drawn to a priceless expression. Sometimes it’s an adorable custom outfit. And sometimes, it’s just some undefinable connection we feel toward a particular doll. Regardless of the reason, though, one thing is for sure – our dolls are by far the cutest in the patch this fall.

Along with fall treats like these sweeties, though, autumn unfortunately tends to bring some tricks. As the holidays approach, fraudulent sellers are sure to be popping up all over social media, trying to get you to throw away your money on knock-off dolls, or worse yet, nothing at all. To avoid these scams, you need to keep two things in mind: that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is, and that the only places to get genuine Ashton-Drake dolls are in our catalog, at ashtondrake.com, or from our official Amazon store.

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So, with that said, take a moment to peruse our patch of perfect pumpkins with yourself and your loved ones in mind. After all, the holidays are just around the corner. Order now while all of your selections are in stock, and Christmas delivery is guaranteed!

Warm wishes,

Laurie James, Executive Director

Laurie James
Ashton-Drake Executive Director