Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

The Social Security Administration recently released its list of most popular names given to U.S. babies in 2017. And wouldn’t you know it, several of our darling baby dolls made the Top 10 list! We’ve highlighted our darling trendsetters below. To view the full list of baby names, you can visit the Social Security Administration website.

Popular Girl Names
1. Emma
Emma is all smiles with her beloved kitten, Boots!
2. Olivia
Olivia is so lifelike that she responds to your touch by curling her little fingers around yours.

3. Ava
Ava Elise was inspired by the winner of our 2017 Such A Doll!™ Photo Contest. She is so sweet!

4. Isabella
Isabella is our first touch-activated baby doll who walks when you hold her little hands and guide her.

5. Sophia
As Sophia sweetly sleeps, you’ll see her tiny chest rise and fall as she breathes.  Lean in a little closer and you’ll hear soft baby coos and the gentle pitter patter of a heartbeat.

Popular Boy Names

1. Liam
Sweet Baby Liam is fully sculpted of vinyl, with every detail captured just right from his darling belly button to his toes. A cloth body underneath makes him perfectly for snuggling, and and he easily poseable!

2. Noah
Noah is as happy as can be, and is delightfully realistic! He’ll turn his head to look at you, and wiggle his feet while he babbles and coos with joy, all from a gentle press of his hand.
3. Logan
Logan is having the best day ever, wearing his best engineer’s outfit and holding his favorite train toy.
4. Benjamin
Benjamin is a complete cuddle bug with adorably pudgy arms and legs, and just the sweetest brown eyes.

5. Mason
Mason is playground ready! And if you guide and encourage him, he’ll walk along with you!

Have you named your collectible dolls?  Let us know some of your favorite names, and what makes them so special, in the comments below!