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RealTouch vinyl®— for a true-to-life experience

Vinyl baby doll Katie My Sweet Kitten

RealTouch® vinyl dolls, like Katie, My Sweet Little Kitten Baby Doll shown here, are easy to care for.

Whether you’re new to Ashton-Drake, or have a whole nursery full of our babies, you’ve probably heard us talking about our signature RealTouch® vinyl. But what exactly is this material, and what makes it different from what the competitors offer?

First, a little about vinyl

Vinyl, with its reasonable cost, revolutionized the doll industry by allowing high-quality dolls to be crafted more affordably than with porcelain and other materials of the time. It’s a durable material that can be specially formulated for extra flexibility and smoothness. It’s also safe, and easy to clean and maintain. Couple all of this with the fact that it can be precisely molded, and you’ve got a medium that produces dolls that are not only practical to buy and lifelike in appearance, but extremely simple to care for.

What makes our Realtouch® vinyl the most lifelike?

Our proprietary RealTouch® vinyl is a custom blend of ten ingredients, specifically formulated to deliver you the most true-to-life dolls available. Here’s what makes it so special:

RealTouch® vinyl feels snuggly, just like a real baby.

The feel: RealTouch® vinyl is designed to make you think you’re touching and holding an actual baby. Not too heavy, and not too light, it’s just the right weight to feel snuggly and realistic in your arms. Its finish is incredibly lifelike as well—soft, smooth, and textured just like a real baby’s. Plus it has a natural “give” under your touch and is flexible, adding to the doll’s poseability.

The look: RealTouch® vinyl lets us craft some of the most exquisite looking dolls in the industry. It molds to the tiniest of details—from a baby’s delicate eyelids to the wrinkles on a tiny knuckle—making it ideal for capturing every nuance of our master doll artists’ original sculpts. The formula also allows for a variety of colors and shades so the skin tone perfectly recreates the artist’s vision. Plus, its texture makes an excellent foundation for our expert hand-painting.

The durability: Vinyl is exceptionally resilient and durable, and our RealTouch® formula is a prime example. If you like to change your doll’s outfits, hold them tight, or pose them in different positions, you can’t ask for a better suited material. It also stands the test of time. When cared for properly (kept clean, out of direct sunlight, and away from markers and dyes) your doll will look as good as new for years to come.

But don’t take our word for it! Just look at what some of our satisfied clients are saying:

“This is the first reborn doll I have ever gotten. The experience of opening up the box with this beautiful little treasure took my breath away.  He was so soft and felt like a true baby!”
Hilary, Ashton-Drake Customer

“The dolls are very realistic. Everyone stops my daughter to see her baby. They cannot believe how lifelike she is.”
Jenni, Ashton-Drake Customer

“Love the way the babies look and feel!”
Terri, Ashton-Drake Customer


Experience it for yourself!

You’ve read what we and our clients have to say about our RealTouch® vinyl, but to truly appreciate its lifelike look and feel, you simply must experience it for yourself. Browse our vast selection of breathtaking baby dolls and bring one home today. You’ll instantly understand why our vinyl is the most realistic in the industry.