Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

At 4 a.m. this past Saturday, The Ashton-Drake Galleries offices echoed with the sound of multiple coffee makers percolating their hearts out in preparation for the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Much caffeine was needed to fuel a team of doll designers, artisans, photographers, copywriters, editors and more, in their quest to design, craft and reveal our royal wedding collectible bride and groom dolls within HOURS of the actual ceremony.

The planning process started last December, shortly after the couple’s engagement was announced. Ashton-Drake designers closely studied Meghan’s style in an effort to predict what her gown might look like. A library of silks, lace and trim was created, so that longtime Ashton-Drake Master Seamstress Yerman Romero could have easy access to any fabric she needed on the day of the ceremony.

Pictured below: Master Seamstress Yerman Romero selects fabric for our Meghan, Royal Romance Bride Doll.

On the wedding day, all eyes were on the bride and groom throughout the event, noting every last detail, from Meghan’s tiara and embroidered blusher veil to the crests and medals on Prince Harry’s coat. Pencils skated quickly over paper as sketches were made from every angle. Screenshots were captured and posted on every available surface. The entire office was immersed in royal style!

Pictured below: Romero and Jordan Wrobleske studying details on the bridal veil.

In about six hours, Romero created a gown inspired by the clean, classic elegance of Meghan’s pure white wedding dress with a bateau neckline and A-line silhouette. Dressing our 16-inch bisque porcelain bride doll was done with as much care and attention to detail as if she was about to walk down the aisle herself. Swarovski® crystals were fastened with care, and her dramatic drop veil blusher adorned with scalloped lace was styled with a beautiful bandeau tiara. Even her delicate bridal bouquet was carefully created, each stem perfectly placed. Every detail on our Meghan, Royal Romance Bride Doll is meticulously refined, right down to her sculpted wedding ring set that sparkles on her left hand.

Exuding royal elegance, this true-to-life portrait of Meghan on her wedding day is handcrafted and expertly hand-painted to highlight her lovely features, and is nothing short of magnificent.

Pictured below: Meghan, Royal Romance Bride Doll

The Prince Harry, Royal Romance Groom Doll also required incredible teamwork and collaboration. In advance of the ceremony, Ashton-Drake designers painstakingly crafted two possible doll forms, both with and without a beard. Multiple potential outfits were also sewn, all of which helped contribute to an authentically-detailed ensemble inspired by Prince Harry’s Blues and Royals frockcoat uniform. Just like the real-life inspiration, his black twill coat features black cording on the stand collar and sleeve cuffs, and his military medals and regalia are proudly displayed over his heart. Black slacks trimmed with wide red striping, a white faux-leather belt and gold-brimmed military cap complete his wedding ensemble.

Pictured below: Romero tailoring Prince Harry’s Blues and Royals frockcoat.

While Meghan’s portrait is a study of classic elegance, our Prince Harry, Royal Wedding Groom Doll carries an expression of pure joy on his wedding day. His blue eyes twinkle with happiness and his warm smile is absolutely contagious.

Pictured below: Prince Harry, Royal Romance Groom Doll

We’re still reeling over the excitement of that special day, of what happened in the Ashton-Drake offices as well as the splendor of the wedding itself! Did you watch the royal wedding? What was your favorite part? We’d love to connect with you in the comments! And, make sure to watch the video below to get a wonderful inside glimpse into the creation of our royal wedding collectible dolls. Enjoy!