Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

At Ashton-Drake, we love celebrating cultures around the world. That’s why we find it so exciting when we have the opportunity to partner with our international team. Our most recent project? Two child dolls—Emma with chicks and Lea and the Summer—both sculpted by world-renowned German artist Monika Gerdes.

The first child is Emma. She loves spending the weekend at Grandma and Grandpa’s farm wearing her favorite outfit—a blouse with ruffled sleeves, a dress with embroidered daisies, and a blue checkered kerchief that matches her flower shaped braid clips. Her latest visit was extra special. Three little chicks came waddling up to her when she was playing out back. Instantly she was mothering them—making  them a cozy little nest, right in the outstretched fabric of her dress!

Emma with Chicks

The next toddler is Lea. This little one spends her summers bouncing through the garden without a care in the world, and then climbing up to play in her favorite spot, a big old oak tree. She’s ready for the season in a precious denim dress accented with a bow and ruffles. It’s layered over a darling red shirt and puffy bloomers while ruffled socks and laced shoes complete the look.

Lea and the Summer

And of course both dolls are brought to life with everything that makes Ashton-Drake so special. Measuring approximately two feet each, they feature our supple, lifelike RealTouch® vinyl skin. They are also poseable so you can position them in many picture-perfect ways, and have soft cloth bodies for exceptional cuddling. Plus they boast realistic inset eyes and gorgeous, expertly-styled wig hair.

To learn more about these masterpieces, click here. You’ll instantly see why our child dolls are the number one choice of collectors around the world!