Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

Before my first daughter came into the picture, my family was surrounded by boys. My closest cousin (who I consider to be a sister) had two boys, and then my brother had 2 sons of his own before having a baby girl. Even my distant cousins all had sons. And because my mom was a revolving door of childcare for so many family members, we got to experience life with boys and their lively personalities. When I look at the expressions on all of our many baby boy dolls, all the memories of their smiles and adorable outfits flooded my mind. Gazing upon these lifelike faces, it’s like I’m holding them in my arms all over again. I remember things like the coos they made, or the soft scents they had after a bath – it feels like these baby dolls are about to come to life in the same way my nephews did when I held them.

When I look at Linda Murray’s creation “Ryan and Rex,” I’m reminded of my oldest nephew who had a love for dinosaurs. Little Ryan comes dressed up in dinosaur pajamas with footed dinosaur paws. And his smile, oh my goodness! His facial expression is captured so beautifully throughout his face including his smiling eyes, like a little boy who is so happy to have his dino bestie by his side. The custom-designed outfit also brings back memories of the way we would try and keep our little guys warm through our Midwest winters, but it had to be stylish too! Ryan’s one-piece outfit and cap is a soft heather grey with pops of blue and green that match his friend Rex.  It’s truly an adorable combo.

Lucas is another masterpiece from Linda Murray. His interested and curious expression perfectly captures the curiosity of playful baby boys – and another who inspires memories of a past I once had when my nephews were babies themselves. Lucas is a beautiful baby boy that doesn’t even realize how cute he looks in his monkey pajamas and cap. I must always be a sucker for adorable character caps and footed pajamas, because Lucas just tugs at my heart. What I also love about Lucas is how his big brown eyes are so perfectly complimented by his custom-designed outfit.  I just never want to put him down.

Do your baby dolls bring back memories of all the children in your life? Share your story in the comments!

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