Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Taking a great baby photo is certainly challenging, but getting that perfect shot is so rewarding. A photo is more than just an image. A good photo tells a story and conveys a mood. The photographers here at Ashton-Drake Galleries spend hours getting to know the collectible doll they’re photographing. They perfect lighting, background and a whole host of other elements to ensure they capture the personality and charm of each individual doll. Here are their top five photography tips:

  1. Use a plain or neutral background so the focus stays on the doll. A good option is a soft pillow covered with a solid-colored blanket. This way, the baby looks all snuggled in, nice and cuddly. In this photo, the photographer used a euro-sized down feather pillow covered with an elegant white blanket.
    collectible doll photography example
  2. Take a few full body shots. While you do this, take note of some of the best features of your collectible doll. Do you want to highlight her sweet lips? Her clear, inquisitive eyes? Her tiny fingers? This will help define the focal point of your picture.collectible doll photography example
  3. Now, move in a bit closer to your doll. Coming in closer creates a sense of intimacy in your photos, and the angle may help focus the photo on key details.collectible doll photography example
  4. Good lighting is another key ingredient for great photos. If you are taking outdoor photos of your collectible baby doll, take a moment to figure out where the sun is shining from. You want the sun behind you and shining on your doll, but not at full strength. This will highlight the facial features of your doll and reduce harsh shadows. If you are taking indoor photos of your collectible doll, place your doll near a window and to take advantage of natural filtered lighting. Using a flash can sometimes be a bit too harsh, so our photographers often prefer using natural light.
    collectible doll photography example
  5. One of the best ways to compose your picture of your baby doll is to follow what is called the “rule of thirds.” Imagine dividing your scene into three areas, from top to bottom and left to right. Pay attention to where the lines meet. That’s where you usually want to place your baby doll. If you place your baby doll at the intersections or along the lines, your photo will look more balanced. What you get is a grid that looks a bit like this:collectible doll photography using thirds
    collectible doll photography using thirds

End result: A beautiful portrait of your baby doll!

collectible doll photography