Spectacular dolls for summer adventures!

Nurture your sweet collectible doll by gently styling her hair. Follow these easy tips, and she’ll be camera-ready in no time!

Tame Messy Tresses
– Using a nylon bristle brush or comb purchased specifically for your doll, gently comb her hair in one direction, starting at the crown.
– Gently comb the hair forwards toward her face, and down the sides of her head.
– For the back of the head, comb from the crown down to the base of the neck.
– Still not quite right? Fill a spray bottle with room-temperature water, lightly mist her hair, then try again! Remember, water is best. Gels, mousses or other haircare products won’t work well on her hair. Same goes for curing irons, blow dryers or straighteners, all of which are too much for delicate doll hair.

Now just let her hair air-dry and she’ll be ready to charm! Does your doll wear a headband? Here are some tips to freshen up her look!

Style A Sweet Headband
– Hold the headband against the front of your doll’s head with one hand, and extend the elastic over the back of her head using the other hand.
– Adjust one side at a time, while holding down the other side.

With everything in place, she’s ready to take on the day! If you liked these tips, let us know by commenting below, or drop us a quick email. We love hearing from you!