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5 Types of Baby Doll Body Styles

Ashton-Drake offers a wide range of body styles in their baby dolls. For collectors and snugglers of our one-of-a-kind dolls, there are options for everyone trying to gift their granddaughter a safety tested doll or add to your growing collection. No matter your purpose for your purchase, here are a few details on each of the body types of our lifelike dolls so you can feel reassured that you are making the right choice. Our Creative Director, Veveca tells us in the following video about 5 different baby doll body styles using examples from our very own collection.



Mommy’s Girl: Veveca affectionally calls this body style as “Snuggle Construction.” This is a rag doll or floppy body construction. Mommy’s Girl has seams at the shoulders and hips which allows her to fold right into your arms, right into the nook of your elbow as demonstrated in the video. This dolls among others with similar constructed are age tested for ages 3+ to make her a true doll for everyone. There are also two types of weighted styles in this construction. Weight is constructed into the bottom  of the doll or in a bean bag style so she can be weighted in the chest or the bottom.

Mommy’s Girl

One-of-a-Kind Kathryn: She is customized into a Teddy Bear construction which is evident in the joints of the arms. It allows for circular rotating movements in upward and downward motion. The same rotation can be constructed into the legs as well however, this particular doll has a seam in the hips. Great for sitting dolls or older dolls 6-9 months. When you hold One-of-a-Kind Kathryn her legs have a more realistic feel when you hold her.

One-of-a-Kind Katherine


Butterfly Kisses: Her unique armature is made of plastic which helps her hold poses. As Veveca moves her arms, you can see that the mobility includes up, out and in- a full range of mobility in her arms. There is armature in the legs as well. At Ashton-Drake we have dubbed this as part of our Hold That Pose!® brand that will allow for these dolls to be posed in whatever position you want them in. A common rule in body styles is when you have less vinyl you have more poseability.

Butterfly Kisses

Beach Baby: She is a combination of a vinyl torso with a cloth body inside. This makes her more realistic with lifelike sculpting. Her cloth body inside gives a weighted feel for added realism. The construction also allows poseability to move her arms any which way.

Beach Baby

Rub-a-dub-dub: This is a full vinyl construction with similar joints as the Teddy Bear construction that allows for up and down arm movements. Her joints are connected and locked in so that she is water-resistant.


These details and more are available on our site! Take a look and find your next loveable cutie to bring home.