Tidings of Comfort & Joy - Ashton-Drake Holiday 2021

Their deep black eyes are alive with the secrets of the universe. Their three-fingered hands reach out ready for contact. Their minds swirl with thoughts we humans couldn’t possibly comprehend. And now it’s time…for them to party! Why? Because it’s July 2nd, World UFO Day, and all of our resident aliens couldn’t be more excited!

Greyson Alien Baby DollIf you haven’t met our baby aliens yet, an encounter is long overdue. First off there’s Greyson. He was the first of these little ones to abduct our hearts and he just can’t get enough snuggling. Not only does it make him feel cozy and warm, it’s the perfect opportunity for him to study us up close and personal. For this year’s big celebration, Greyson is looking forward to meeting new friends and telepathically sharing his favorite images of his home world—after a nap in his sparkly cosmic blanket, of course.

Lumina Alien Baby DollThen there’s Lumina. She’s green and speckled, and gets so excited to meet new people, she starts to glow in delight. In addition to showing off this special ability, she enjoys learning about our planet (especially our office where she spends her days traversing the carpet, curiously probing every object she comes across).  She’s a recent arrival, so this will be her first World UFO Day, and she just can’t wait to play with balloons, streamers, and other colorful, otherworldly party favors.

Alien Babies CollectionAnd of course there’s Zoe and her fleet of itsy-bitsy out-of-this-world infants. They’re looking forward to July 2nd as much as their alien friends, but for them it will be a day like any other. The way they always zip around in their UFO, their bodies sparkling, glowing, and changing colors, every time of year is a celebration.

To learn more about these travelers from galaxies afar, watch our unearthly Facebook Live. And don’t forget to comment with photos and stories of your own close encounters.

Happy World UFO Day!

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